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Hello, I'm Silence M.

Silence the Artist ‘Silence’ is a self-taught aerosol artist with experience spanning 30 years. Raised in the suburbs of Frankston​,​ Silence has experienced and been part of the evolution of Melbourne graffiti and street art culture for most of his life. Silence is known for his clean​,​ sharp​,​ strong lines​,​ his attention to detail and determination for perfection. His work is abstract​,​ contemporary​,​ reflective and draws on nostalgia from the 80’s and 90’s. Silence enjoys experimenting with a dynamic combination of recycled materials such as pipes​,​ rust and 3D objects to add texture​,​ depth​,​ and emphasis. Drips​,​ splats and layering are another hallmark of his work and his eclectic use of recycled and upcycled materials. Silence has collaborated with local​,​ interstate and international artists producing countless art works for non-profit organisations​,​ community groups​,​ businesses​,​ schools​,​ private collectors and his own personal projects. Visit: for more products and inspiration

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